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The Purpose of InfoSec is to Support a Business

posted Mar 8, 2012, 1:35 PM by Julian Cohen
Erik Cabetas came to the Cyber Security Club to teach us the real purpose of Information Security in an organization.

This will be a monologue and discussion regarding the concept of what Information Security risk management as a business enabler for a for-profit corporation. We often find ourselves as InfoSec professionals with our heads in the weeds ferreting out technical tactical issues, it is not often we come up for air and think "Why the heck am I being paid to reverse engineering this malware? How much benefit does it provide my company vs. the monetary expense they're spending on this?" At the end the audience should have a better sense of how the roles of InfoSec relate to a capitalistic business.

Erik has been working in InfoSec since 2001 in a wide variety of roles from Pen-tester, Forensics analyst, AppSec architect, and security engineer to Security officer responsible for overall organizational security. He loves working with business owners to solve real business problems using his experience and skill-set in InfoSec and technology in general. Today he leads the team at Include Security LLC, an InfoSec consultancy with offices in NYC and Florida.